What is a feis?

A feis (fesh) is the name for an Irish dance competition (Feisanna being the plural form).  The Slattery School is registered with An Coimisiun le Rince Gaelacha (CLRG)and therefore all of our dancers must only compete with feisanna that are registered as a CLRG Feis.

Although it is not mandatory for your child to compete in Irish dance, it does help speed up the progression of a dancer much quicker and builds confidence.  You can decide to just concentrate on the art of the dance as recreation and performances, however most of our performances take place over the St. Patrick's Day Season and don’t really aid in progression all year round like competitions do. It is of course your decision whether or not you would like your child to compete, however, it is very common for dancers that compete regularly to progress much quicker, gain more confidence and it can be another outlet for making new friends.


Where can I find information on local feisanna?

When registering your child for a feis, check out and/or Set up an account for your dancer and then you may begin entering in feisanna; it's an easy process.  Different feisanna use either of these sites to register dances for their feis, so be sure to check them both out when looking to enter in a feis.  Please also be sure to check these websites occasionally to sign up far enough in advance as feis entries fill up very quickly and spaces are limited.

How do I know if my dancer is ready to feis?

Check with Elaine before signing up for your first feis unless she has reached out to you first. She will know what dances your child is ready to compete in. Most new dancers will dance the Reel and the Light Jig only.  Keep in touch with Elaine as your dancer progresses and she will continuously let you know when to move your dancer up a level or to add dances. 

What should my child wear in a feis?

First Feis Competitors/Beginner & Advanced Beginner:  Dancers should wear either a black skirt, (above the knee) with a black high neck leotard or white blouse or the Slattery School leotard and skirt, white "poodle" socks, soft shoes and hair either worn straight down and clipped back in the front, a bun wig or a full wig.

Dancers can wear the Slattery School costume, a black high neck leotard and skirt or a solo dress at this level.  Solo dresses are not mandatory.   White "poodle" socks and appropriate Irish dancing shoes should be worn.  Hair should either be worn in a bun wig, full wig or straight down and clipped back in the front, off of the face.  

Preliminary/Open Championship Solo dresses, white "poodle" socks and appropriate Irish dancing shoes should be worn.  Hair should be a in a bun or full wig.  Black leotards and skirts can be worn during dress transitions.