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Major Competitions

How do I qualify for major competitions?
Your dancer has put a lot of time and effort into working his/her way through the grades (Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Novice and Prizewinner) and he/she is beginning to see what the competitive side of Irish dancing has to offer and where it can take them.  Below are the competitions that your dancer may want to compete in if the qualifications are met and you have discussed it with Elaine.  Solo dresses are required for the solo championships at these events.

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Oireachtas (Thanksgiving Weekend)
The Oireachtas (or-OCK-tis) or the MARO is a regional competition that can qualify you
for the North American National Championships and the World Championships. You can compete in solo or ceili (group) dancing.  Solo competition is open to dancers in Prizewinner who have earned a 1st place in each of the required dances by the entry date of October 1st.  All 'even year' age groups need their

first places in Reel and Hornpipe and all 'odd year' age groups need their first places in Slip Jig and Treble Jig.  All Preliminary and Open Championship dancers are already qualified to enter the Oireachtas but will need to commit to certain requirements in order to compete.  

Slattery School Requirements for the MARO:
You must be able to perform the correct level of steps, attend class two times a week in addition to all extra Oireachtas practices on designated weekends from September through November.  

North American Irish Dance Championships (July 4th Week)
The North American Irish Dance Championships are also called the Nationals, NAIDC or NANs. The different regions along with IDTANA take turns hosting this prestigious competition. The location rotates every year around the USA and Canada.  

Generally, you qualify to compete in the North American Nationals if:

  • You are an Open Championship dancer.
  • You are U8 or U9 and have been asked by Elaine to attend the nationals (teacher's discretion).
  • You qualified at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Oireachtas.

Slattery School Requirements for the North American Nationals:  
In addition to the above mentioned qualifications, you must attend dance classes twice a week in addition to any other Nationals mandatory practices, if any.

Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne: The World Championships (Easter Week)
The World Irish Dancing Championships is like the Olympics of Irish Dancing.  Qualifying, alone, is fantastic and a sign of hard work paying off!!  The location of the World Championships changes every year. In the past it has been held in locations such as Galway, Dublin, Belfast, Ennis, London, Glasgow, Montreal and Philadelphia.  

You can qualify for the World Championships 2 different ways:

  • Place high enough in your local oireachtas (We attend the Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas).
  • Place high enough at your National Championships (We attend the North American Nationals).

Oireachtas Rince na hEireann: All Ireland Championships (February)
This is similar to the North American Championships as it is the Irish Nationals.  They extend an invitation to the U.S. for this prestigious major competition.  The level of competition here is extremely high and is very close to being as prestigious as the World Championships.

Each school has different requirements in order to enter the championships.  At the Slattery School, dancers must be in Open Championship to qualify and will be considered at the discretion of the teacher.