2015 North American National Championships, Providence, Rhode Island

Congratulations to all our Slattery School dancers who competed at the 2015 North American National Championships in Providence - the first time the Slattery School was represented at the Nationals.  You all danced beautifully and did your best.  You made me so proud.  Special congratulations to Emily Tierney who recalled and placed 37th in the Girls Under 9 Competition.  Well done and congratulations to all!  I'm so proud of you!

Congratulations to our two youngest Championship dancers, Amelia and Lucia (Girls Under 9), on qualifying for the 2017 North American National Championships in New Orleans, Louisiana this year.   They both danced beautifully.  A special congratulations goes out to Lucia for placing 60th out of 143 dancers in the Girls Under 9 Competition!  Well done!!  Your hard work paid off!!  We're so proud of you both for all of your hard work and good sportsmanship leading up to, during and after the competition.  We had a great time!!

2017 North American National Championships, New Orleans, Louisiana

2016 North American National Championships, Orlando, Florida

Congratulations to our five Slattery School dancers who competed at the 2016 North American National Championships in Orlando, Florida this year - Erin, Lucia, Hannah, Ava and Amelia.  You all danced beautifully and shined on stage.  Well done and congratulations to all!  I'm so proud of you!​