Oireachtas Practices
9/14,  9/28, 10/5, 10/26, 11/2, 11/16


Class Schedule
9-10am: U8/U9 solos
10am-11am: U8/U10 4 hands
11am-12pm: All 8 Hands
12-1pm: U12+ 4 Hands

1-3pm: Older Solos



Oireachtas Dress Rehearsal

Saturday, 11/23/19, 10am-2pm

Ironia Elementary School, Randolph, NJ



Oireachtas Information Parent Meeting

Saturday, September 14th at 12pm  

Hotel Reservation Information

Oireachtas Room Block Opens Online to the Public on September 23rd at 9am 

(Please Check Your Email for the Link & More Information)



Social Media

For up-to-date information, please follow the social media accounts below:

Instagram Accounts:  @MAROireachtas  @marooireachtas2019

Twitter Accounts: @MAROireachtas

Facebook Pages: Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas

Website: www.mid-atlanticregion.com


If/When posting pictures on social media,

please feel free to share using the following hashtags.  Thank you!

#TeamSlattery  #MARO19  #SlatteryStrong



Oireachtas Schedule Info

Please see the 2018 schedule below. Dates/Times are always subject to change so please just use it as a guide.  The 2019 Schedule and more detailed information will be posted here, as well as on social media.



2018 Oireachtas Schedule

*All 4 Hands and Traditional Sets are Scheduled in the Liberty Ballroom* 





















*All 8 Hands and Solo Championships are Scheduled in the Main Ballrooms*



























Mid-Atlantic Regional OIREACHTAS​​

Thanksgiving Weekend: November 29th, 30th and December 1st, 2019

​Downtown Philadelphia Marriott

Philadelphia, PA